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Resilience in life and real estate
Ruma Mundi

In 2002, Ruma chose real estate after dabbling briefly in marketing and IT. In 2005, with a 4-month-old baby in tow, Ruma took the opportunity that presented itself and bought the real estate business from her boss, beginning her journey as a business owner whilst still being a passionate listing and selling agent.

She has grown her business and herself from strength to strength, consistently increasing business turnover, opening multiple offices, growing a significant rent roll and leading teams. Ruma has gone on to receive several industry accolades and awards. She firmly believes “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, and almost always that staying strong is the only option!

1. How to build courage and a positive mindset
2. Staying resilient and maintaining a balanced mind, body and spirit through challenging times
3. Becoming an attraction agent embedded in your local community